Mildenhall (Flipped) Lyrics

The Shins
At fifteen we had to leave the States again
Dad was stationed at an RAF base they called Mildenhall
Two black birds on a busted wall
The cobblestones made it hard to skate
I thought my flattop was so new wave
Until it melted away in the Suffolk rain
Well god d***, don't you miss the USA

And a kid in class passed me a tape
An invitation, not the hand of fate

I guess my shoes said I might relate
Somehow she knew I want to stay up waiting with her in the cold
For cheap beer and rock 'n' roll
Which in time put lots of things in my mind

A kid in class passed me a tape
We saw some bands down at the Corn Exchange

I wonder where my sister was that night
Back at home under the tanning bed lights
I can still see the glow
Strange rays from her window
Each night, as I was skating home