Astral Sophia Lyrics

Colored shadows taste
Astral Sophia
Scarlet juices hear
Astral Sophia

Have you been here long
Floating in the dark
Like a shining stream?
Have you, Majesty?

Many are my names
Moving above me
Ominous my touch
Searching beneath thee
Locked beyond the gate of stars
I've been sent to travel far
Broken seals from long ago
Wells below await to flow
Burning, grieving
Ruling this lonely world
Glorious entity, dear child of mine
Hear him, hear me
Hear all and every word
Knowing, believing
A new form of light

I see in you...
A new form of light

My Helena brings peace to thy son
And my Johanna, his fate

They're mesmerized by their false disguise
Cradle set alight leads us into night again

Walls of sleep shall fade away
Rid them of their human waste
Spirits of their misery
Shall embrace the enemy

Our children seek the way
They will not be afraid
No seed may be condemned
When revelation ends

Viewing horizons of future serene
Born on the night sky to all of our dreams