Bring Her Home Lyrics

Hear my prayer, thee almighty God
For my mother - bring her home
Like an angel heaven-bound
So that she may find thy side

Don't sound so sad my child
No sorrow will prevail
Sophia knows every word
Be sure of this my child
I have to leave you now
No wish will be left unheard

What of darkness, Nazarene
Did it haunt your heart?

Who may he be?
Hope in doubt and fear
Golden atmosphere
And a cry so divine

I am the real Messiah, born where Christ did fall
Soon bringing eyes to the blind
Humanity refined, I will unite them all
Become to the truth for all mankind

Sister of mine - prophets may be false
Beware what you hear and see
Tolling bells I find no singing in the chimes

Join me sister as I pray:
Hear my prayer thee almighty God
For our mother - bring her home