Day of Wrath Lyrics

Slowly, mist erases dawn
Turn to dust shall the island of dreams and silver

What will of this day become?
Colored red is the heaven behind our darkness

Oh savior, show me the way
Oh savior, show me

Out of the dark
My nocturnal art
Soon shall become morning
Echoes of pain
Following my name
None shall remain - fire bring

When the tales of love are gone
One by one on the stairway of no returning...

[SOPHIA, SETH & SATAN] itself shall linger on
It will be there
Vibration, like rhythm burning

Savior, guiding my way
My faith shall never fail

Shadows of light
Children of the night
Soon shall unite mankind
Eyes of the deep
Watching in your sleep
Dreams running free through your mind

Lord, your day has come-
Your day of wrath