Morning Has Broken Lyrics

Wisdom of insight in bloom I thought I knew
And still these pages portray it is not true
The fruit of Eden grows ripe between my hands
New age of mankind - born within this man

What troubles you my love?
Why are you not with me?
The dawn is soon to come
Please tell me what you see
Will we still make patterns leading to heaven's gate?

Oh these words fly, roaming the old sky
And search high through the speechless clouds
They cross the oceans where knowledge roams the waters
Their echoes guide us to sail the hunger we long to feel

Visions of shadows, the past drowns in the dark
I hope to be there when light fulfill its spark
The tales of future shall hope soon provide
Only the truth in his words shall purify

Our leader still you are, through the heavens dreams soon shall be carried far across the world again
And my heart will stay closer to the pain

Dearest, now hear me, you do not understand
Voices already sing throughout the land
Join me in silence and listen to the wind
In the break of dawn this morning it will begin

Morning has broken
A new day has begun