Velvet 4 Sale Lyrics

U.S. Girls
[Verse 1]
You've been sleeping with one eye open
'Cause he always could come back, ya know?
And you've been walking these streets unguarded
Waiting for any man to explode
You spend hours in the mirror hating
But you can get that power, too
It's not you, it's them
You should get it too
You should get it too
'Cause they always could come back, ya know?

It's all just friction
But don't forget the revenge
Act like you got some velvet for sale
Then, you destroy their hope for deliverance
Don't offer no reason
Instill in them the fear that comes with being prey

[Verse 2]
Now watch me holding it one-handed
Sideways trusting in that clip
The c*** & pull will get the ol' boys dancing
Then she said, "The Recoil is the celebration
The blood like oil spilling on the floor
This'll surely feel against your nature
But girl, you gotta move on
Guarantee at least one bullet goes behind the eyes
'Cause they always could come back for more"