Blood Sand Ash Lyrics

Supreme scarlet splendor
sky-swept across astral planes
Ancient illustrated lifeforms
are the stellar constellations within our veins
Behold galaxies of collapsed matter
the great vacuum of buried truth
Witnessing the former shades shatter
while waiting for the breaking of misinformed youth

Orbiting the ego sun
barren oasis of the soul
Star-fall; the downward one
generating outright black hole
Whirlwinds fuel the illusions of importance
sandstorms guiding back the blind
Dying are opportunities for self-contortion
horses high will ride enshrined

Temptations are the fires that burn the hands
while seeking fountains to quench one's thirst
And yet we bathe in the lava rivers of Vulcan
in hopes that a lost god will grant us rebirth

Expand the mind well beyond Yesteryear
Breathe every breath until the very last
Bronze are the caskets of all regret and fear
For all we are is blood, sand, ash