Your Name Lyrics

Become who you are,
Got a head start to going nowhere
The rush of our youth, now we'd do anything to go back
At least I would

Took a nap on your bed,
Oh the weight of your breath made me quiver
Took off my shoes, because I knew
That intentions aren't easy to hide

So we sat on your couch pleading the Lord to cleanse our bodies
But we laughed as we prayed, we couldn't honestly say your name
Seven years old now at my moms church and the pastor
He rants of revival, he points to the ceiling says

There's a cloud there that's embodied the from of the spirit
So I sit in my pew,
Squinting my eyes to make sense of the teaching
But that little boy that prayed he didn't see a cloud that day

Now on my bathroom floor,
I speak to the Lord in simple tongue
But it's getting harder every day to honestly say your name
It won't come out the same, that holy and righteous name