All Our Sins Lyrics

VNV Nation
I speak from a place where some talk of signs
Tired superstitions to drown out the wise
Dark clouds have gathered to block out the sun
All of our sins to judge us in turn

Mothers and daughters
Fathers and sons
Would any be counted to take up the cause?
If we can't imagine that the hour is near
Then all of our sins won't fade with the tears

Do you hear the drums of the warmonger's charge
Who feeds on the blood of our youngest and brave
Throw oil on the fires
Turn friend against friend
All of our sins consume us in flame
I hope you know
I hope you can see
The march is beginning all over again
Will we ever learn?
Will we ever know peace,
Before all of our sins drag us to the deep?

Can you not see them?
There's blood on their hands
They rape and they murder for pleasure and gain
The harbingers comes in blazes of gold
With fear and destruction
A haven for none
What would it take to force us to act?
Before visions have faded and hope is worn out
Would we strive to be better?
Could we learn from the past?
For all of our sins - atonement at last

For the sake of our conscience
For the sake of our souls
To never more suffer
Peace without end
Or will be pass silent into the great night?
When all of our sins will lie with the dust

Tell me their names
Tell me their names
Look into their eyes and what do you see?
Do you see their pain and look blindly away?
Do you hear their voices?
Do you hear their screams?
And do you not suffer?
Do you know no shame?
All those around you would banish you away
I hope that their cries haunt you till the end
All of your sins, you can't wash away