Collide Lyrics

VNV Nation
In another place
Another sense of time
Creation in my eyes
Slip as tethers fade
Tune a frequency and glide
Beyond this mortal fire

Other single states
Left drifting in the wake
Still a unity of one
Stepping back to view
A frame extending on all sides
Creation in my eyes

We are too young,
Too innocent to see what's right before our eyes
Nothing before
Nothing will end
We never truly die
Like a spark of energy cries for life and ignites
One day we'll realise that all worlds must collide

This is where the fear and doubts subside
This is where an empathy presides
Find it in the beating of your hearts
In our origins, in where the journey starts
The immensity of time, the widest gaze
The energy, unending to create
The forces that combined intensify
For all things to exist, they must collide