Immersed Lyrics

VNV Nation
I cannot taste the anger
Rage leaves me undone
And vices of the flesh won't satisfy
Innocence could serve us if purity was truth
Forbidden words are like a loaded gun
Conscience won't betray you when purity is gone
Wounds are worn like medals long adorned
Laid low, evading capture
A lifetime on the run
Don't know the day when i last saw the sun
The intentions of a saint with demons at your side
A prophet, like a killer on the run
A heretic, an angel in some small forgotten town
Forsaken by the one you're waiting for
Battle and provoke me
My principles remain
I'll relish each forbidden word you say

Give me love if love is salvation
Give me love
The spirit enflamed
Give me something, give me peace or give me war
Give me love.
Drown me in healing
Give me love, majestic and great
Immerse me in the workings of your mind